FTP for File Uploads

How do I use FTP to upload files manually to the File Manager?
I operate on a dialup service (broadband is simply not feasible).
I can use my FTP client to upload files to the server on which I have installed concrete5. Yesterday I successfully upload a 50k picture using the file manager but today with a 1.2mb video File Manager hangs when I attmpt the upload.
Alternatively can I redefine the upload directory for File Manager from my home machine to a separate directory on the server I am using?

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You can manually FTP files into the /files/incoming directory. (you may need to create this directory, not sure if it's there by default).

Then you can log into your site, go to the file manager and select 'Upload Multiple'.
In that dialog, select 'Add Incoming'.

This should detect the files you've uploaded to that directory - you can simply select them and import them to the file manager (with the option to delete them from the incoming directory to tidy things up as well).
ubiquity replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you so much!
I did see the Incoming folder and wondered about it. Now I shall try what you suggest with a small file to get used to it then try the (for me) bigger files.
denisegsi replied on at Permalink Reply
Is it possible that you could explain this as if you were talking to a young child...please -)
denisegsi replied on at Permalink Reply
Add Incoming--Got it! I'll document to help others, saves so much time.

Written for a child since that's what I requested...
It's a two step process:

Go to your server site file manager
1. Locate /home/yoursitename/public_html/conc/files/incoming.
You may have to create the 'incoming' folder.
2. Upload or transfer your photos to this file.

Go to your website, log in,
1. Go to your dashboard.
2. Select file manager.
3. Select Upload Multiple (on the right)
4. Select 'Add Incoming' tab on the top.
5. Check the box to select which pics you want and hit 'Import Files'
KSP replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you. The step by step is very clear.
alfiecom replied on at Permalink Reply
This step by step process worked for me too. Thanks for posting the details. Solved my problem.
anonku replied on at Permalink Reply
In the 5.7 version it was in my public_html/application/files/incoming no 'conc' folder. I would assume you meant the concrete folder.