Future block permissions

I can set add / delete block permissions for area, and I can also set what blocks can a specific user/group add. But I can't set perms, that will govern the block that WILL be added? Right? If I allow user to add block, It will have full right for it?

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A3020 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You can add the permissions to the Area the Block is placed in. The Block, by default, will then 'inherit' those permissions.

Because the permissions of an Area are a little different, C5 tries to 'map' them. If you are a bit into coding, this might help you understand it better:https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/blob/develop/concrete/src/Per...
trsh replied on at Permalink Reply
OK. That's clear. The mapping is sweet, but I can't do all stuff I wan't with it. Ideally there would be permission window under each allowed block (s) Type (s).
A3020 replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree. Maybe you can post this on Github to see if it's picked up.