Future-scheduled subpages publish immediately

Page scheduling works as expected when the page in question is beneath Home. If I visit the page before the scheduling time has been reached, I see the alert in the upper right-hand corner indicating that the page I'm viewing has yet to be published (and will be at x time).

When I try to schedule a page for future publishing beneath a subpage (the blog, for instance), the page is published immediately. No alert, etc.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not finding anything about it in the forums or elsewhere.

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PaiviK replied on at Permalink Reply
Same problem!
I was just testing scheduled publishing. It would be important to be able to schedule creating and publishing pages ("News"). Now scheduled pages get published right away. To both menu (Megamenu) and Pagelists.

Could I have missed something? But I haven't found a solution.

Mamp (php 5.6.32), live site (php 7.0), Concrete5 - 8.3.2
PaiviK replied on at Permalink Reply
... or was there really a problem?

When testing, I first set the time only some 10 minutes further, because I just wanted to know if scheduling works. I did some more testing, now I set the time next day. No problems there.

Is there a certain limit for scheduling (must be at least xx hours), or may be something to do with time zones?