Global scrapbook alias erases design

So I have a website with 14 pages. Every single page needs to have the exact same sidebar. The problem is that there are several objects in this sidebar which need special CSS rules to display correctly. I can't include these CSS rules directly into the theme since the contents of the sidebars may change at any time.

The solution I found for a single page was to go into edit mode, click the block, select "design", then set any necessary CSS rules. Works like a charm. Then I tried aliasing one of these blocks to my global scrapbook to copy to the other 13 pages (so I could edit one and it would change them all). Everything looked fine until I clicked "Exit Edit Mode" and published my edits. All my custom designs were gone. When I tried pasting the aliased version it pasted it sans any design.

I can go in and add design again to every page one by one, but that's almost as tedious as having made every block by hand in the first place. Is there a way to alias not just a block, but also the associated design?

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Brainakazariua replied on at Permalink Reply
On existing pages you need to manually change it.
For new pages add the block with style to the Page Default. (