Google Analytics *User* tracking

Hi all,

I have Google Analytics installed and tracking everything on our site:

Only thing it does not track is the "User Defined".

I have 3600 members to the site, and I would love to be able to track who's logging in, how frequently, etc, etc.

Is this possible with GA or some sort of other plugin to c5?


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12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
if you go to dashboard/users groups, all your users are listed with the number of times they've logged in.
wckadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, I am aware of that.

What the simple number of logins doesn't tell me (and what i am looking for) is:

- Ability to see how many logged in X week, or X month, or X whatever.
- Ability to see when last visit was.
- Ability to sort logins by the members region (we have 8 of them), then each region has full and part time employees.
- Ability to see what areas of the sites specific users are looking at.
- Etc, etc, etc...

All of this can be done with Google Analytics "User Defined" variable... I have done it on other sites (such as phpBB3), just not with concrete5. Not sure how to enable it...
ivezic replied on at Permalink Reply
Afternoon Wckadmin, were you able to find out how to track analytics for individual users?

I've heard that Google analytics does not allow that based on its Terms & Conditions & privacy policy but 'd love to know if you were successful, as I would like to also add user activity tracking into our site.