Google maps problems


I've been trying to get a simple map working, adding a block to a page and writing the location, but it's seeming to break and just not working .. here's my site take a look

Thats where there should be a map and as you see it just says

Content disabled in edit mode.

even tho clearly we're not in edit mode ... could someone give me a step by step guide to adding a google map to my site ... the standard verson, nothing special, should be straight forward? Guess I'm doing someting wrong, thank you all the smart people in advance!


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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Reply
The map shows fine for those of us who are not logged in. I see it just as it should be.
HazardousWaster replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah I see it now too ... I think it might be a cashing issue tho, as I checked it on two computers and my phone (android) and had the same issue, tho in the last 10 mins it seems to have fixed it and all my devices seems fine, tho now I'm gonna try and chance it again, bet it doesn't work straight away, any idea how to clear the cash in concrete5?
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
yea its a caching issue,

copy /concrete/blocks/google_map to /blocks and open controller.php and change these 2 lines

protected $btCacheBlockOutput = false;
protected $btCacheBlockOutputOnPost = false;
HazardousWaster replied on at Permalink Reply
Works like a treat, cheers dude!!!