Google not seeing Meta Description - Works in Yahoo

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If anybody could kindly help, I am trying to make my website visible to search engines and have been having some issues.
Google is not changing the Meta Description as entered in c5 Bulk SEO Updater, instead it's using the last bits of wording on the main page. The title updates fine every time I change it. Everything shows up fine in Yahoo.

Any idea why this happens? Did not make the site myself as I am not a techie, so any help would be much appreciated.


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growlrooed replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Vlad,
Have you created a Google webmaster tools account and submitted the sitemap.xml that CC5 generates to google? This will help immensely with getting listed properly.

Aside from that your meta descriptions look OK. They could be a little longer but other than that as long as they are all unique to the page and the website, they should work. One thing you have to watch for is that now Google is looking to see if sites have content that is duplicated on other sites. Even meta-data. So you could take a hit if it is similar to some other website.

But considering your website, I kinda doubt that's the case. (BTW I always wanted to visit that castle. Cool.)

Submit the sitemap.xml via webmaster's Tools and I'm sure that will fix things.

And double check that your robots.txt isn't blocking access to it.
vladytz replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks a lot for that.
Would I simply go to this ( to get the sitemap? Apologies for the incompetence, I'm not at all familiar with how these things work but I'm getting there :) Can't find much on the public sources though..

Much appreciated,
growlrooed replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Vlad,
Yes that is exactly what you would submit in your Google Webmasters tools.

Here's a couple links to help you get started with using it: