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Hi everybody.

I'm using the Guestbook block and I want to change the CSS for the following class: .guestBook-entry div.contentByLine.

Where do I go to find it? I tried adding the necessary CSS to the theme but that doesn't work. As far as I can see, this block does not use a CSS file.

Any help is appreciated.

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agedman replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
The CSS is in view.php. Try copying concrete/blocks/guestbook/view.php to siteroot/blocks/guestbook/view.php (you may need to create some folders). Then edit it to your heart's content!

chawki replied on at Permalink Reply
So easy when it's shown to you. Worked beautifully. Thank you very much for the response!

zushoo replied on at Permalink Reply
OMG thank you SO MUCH!!! It works perfectly! Prior to finding this post I was frustrated trying to find what controls the guestbook by line lol
kehnee replied on at Permalink Reply
You have no clue how helpful this is for us newbies to C5. Is there a way we can compile some of these to a particular new user reference document? Thanks for you reply.