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I have a problem, how can I redirect a guest from a private page to a custom page, what the guest can see. Now the C5 automatically redirect the guest to the Login page but I want it to change.

Thank You for the help!

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leventekorponai replied on at Permalink Reply
I just solved it :)

I have to change the value of the page_forbidden.php.
here is the working code
header("Location: mypage"); //mypage is the page where the guest will redirect instead of login page
uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
I would like to accomplish what you did but cannot understand from what you wrote how to do it. Would you be willing to help me?

I found a page_forbidden.php in the path concrete/single_pages/page_forbidden.php

but the contents of that page do not have what you have above to change it to.

Could you tell me where that page is?

And what format would I be inserting mypage in your example, (ie. a full url with http...) I simply want to redirect users to the home page who do not have permission to view the page they are trying to go to.