Guestbook notify email - using multiple addresses?

Hi, when someone posts a comment using the guestbook block we want the notifications to go to multiple email addresses. I've tried comma delimiting, and comma+space delimiting but the mails are never sent. Sending to a single email address works fine. Any advice on how to fix this?

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Lemonbrain replied on at Permalink Reply
Unfortunatly it's not so easy possible. You need to customize the block for this functionality.

Actual it looks like this in the controller.php on line 169

if( $stringsHelper->email($this->notifyEmail) ){
   $c = Page::getCurrentPage(); 
      $ui = UserInfo::getByID($uID);
   $mh = Loader::helper('mail');
   $mh->to( $this->notifyEmail ); 
   $mh->addParameter('guestbookURL', Loader::helper('navigation')->getLinkToCollection($c, true)); 
   $mh->addParameter('comment',  $_POST['commentText'] );

first save the mailaddresses with a separator, for example ','. then split the address with this separator:
$mailaddresses = explode(",", $this->notifyEmail);

Now you can use the whole code from the beginning in a foreach and call it for every emailaddress
foreach($mailaddresses as $mailaddress){
  //Code from the beginning (use $mailaddress instead of $this->notifyEmail)

it would also be possible to use more then one
$mh->to( $this->notifyEmail );
for one mail object. But I think so it will be easier, then you need just a few adaptations.

I hope you understand what I mean, otherwise don't hesitate to ask further questions.