Have no option to edit footer or background

I have just installed c5 and got the basic layouts and everything nailed in place, but I can't edit the footer, I have looked through several other posts but everyone has the option to edit it, the layout cells.. Just aren't there, and like I say I can't change the blue of the background to anything either.

I have hunted through all the dashboard and still can't find anything to edit either :(

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you have FTP access to your site? If so: footer.php is found in the Elements folder of your installed theme and can be changed manually there. If you have added a theme from the marketplace, you'll find it in the "Packages" folder of your installation. If its one of the pre-packaged default themes for C5, you'll find it by opening Concrete - then Themes
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
A couple of things...

If you are using one of the default concrete5 themes, then you need to make a copy of that theme and place it in '[root]/themes' rather than leaving it in '[root]/concrete/themes'. If you make changes to the theme files under the concrete folder, they will be over-written with new core themes the next time you upgrade to a new version.

The theme you are using might not have any editable areas in the footer. As mentioned, the footer.php file is usually found in the 'elements' folder in your theme folder. Footers usually display content that you want to appear on every page so I would edit the footer.php file and add the following code in the appropriate div:

$a = new GlobalArea('Footer_Stuff');

Now when you put the page in edit mode, there should be an area you can edit labeled 'Add To Sitewide Footer_Stuff' or you can go to 'Dashboard->Stacks' and find the "Footer_Stuff" stack and add your blocks there.
Radgravity replied on at Permalink Reply
Righty, thank you both, I'll have a looky