Having display issues with calendar add-on

I am experiencing some strange behavior with the calendar add-on.

I have 3 calendars set up. 2 of them display just fine for user "guest". the third calendar "guests" can see the feature events of the calendar, but not the calendar itself.

All 3 calendars have the same "guest" read permissions for the page. And permissions for the actual block is the same for all 3 calendars.

Either I am missing something, or there is a bug, or I am a dumba$$...haha any help would be greatly appreciated.

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eseyfried replied on at Permalink Reply
I created a test registered user. Same deal.

I can see all other calendars when logged in to website, except for calendar I am having issues with. Users with permissions to add events can see the calendar when logged in.
eseyfried replied on at Permalink Reply
ok issue solved.

Using advanced permissions,

The feature event block and calendar block permissions must override the parent area.