Header Images/swf NOT updating/Reloading!! HELP Please!!

So, It's 2:30 am and I am banging my head against my desk.
OK here it is...-- My Logo Changed, so I updated the headers on my site (http://www.CourtGraphix.com). However, as I load and reload the site, the same old header image/swf shows not the updated one.
1. It has been completely replaced on the "File Manager"
2. I re-published some pages to see if that was the case. Nope! - Not it.
3. ReScanned and re,re-Reloaded (again) the swfs and the freakin' thing still shows the old logo with the sudo-3d "G" on it instead of the "X".

Any ideas please. Thanks.

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adajad replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It sounds like a cache problem so clear your site cache (and your browser cache).

To clear site cache you can type "Clear Cache" in the intelligent search and you will quickly find the correct link to clear your cache.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
It could also be the old image is stuck in the browser cache. It can happen with any browser, with Chrome being especially sticky.

CTL-F5 a few times usually breaks through the browser cache.
maddox replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey guys, thank you so much for the replies to my questions. However, today in the morning I found the answer by pure chance. See the answer posted below:
Thanks again.


Ha ha!!! I found my/the answer on my own. Quite proud for a non-WebDev designer.

Log-on to Dashboard -> Sitewide Setting -> Then 3/4 down the page on the Right, You'll see a block named "SPEED SETTINGS". - Press the button that named "CLEAR CACHE"... This will refresh/reload the entire site and get rid of all outdated junk that is currently displaying.

Best of luck.

adajad replied on at Permalink Reply

Exactly what I said then.

I'm glad you worked it out.