HELP!.. Headers: SlideShow using "Multiple" SWFs files [to randomize load]?

Hi, I am new to the scene and I love all that can be done with C5.

...Need your help!
I am looking to load "multiple" swf [flash] files (as in the image Slideshow) on the header block of the default "page-type" to show all across on the selected child pages.
- note: FYI - I need multiple swf files, because each has its own animation and I want it to load randomly, not in the same order (otherwise I'd just make one long flash mov).

Now the problem I see is that I am able to load multiple images (jpg, giff, etc..) but I CANNOT seem to be able to do so with flash files (SWFs)to have them load and play randomly as the images would.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.


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maddox replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Ha ha!!! I found my the answer on my own. Quite proud for a non-WebDev designer.

Log-on to Dashboard -> Sitewide Setting -> Then 3/4 down the page on the Right, You'll see a block named "SPEED SETTINGS". - Press the button that named "CLEAR CACHE"... This will refresh/reload the entire site and get rid of all outdated junk that is currently displaying.

Best of luck.