help making Gmaps clickable?

hey guys, having trouble making the maps block so that it will open a new window for directions. any ideas??

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
There are several paid add-ons that provide that function but are you asking how to hack the core Google Map block to add this function?
yorkatron replied on at Permalink Reply
i see that there are paid add ons. Ive got a company with 4 locations, and am shy to jump the gun to any one of the paid google maps, just from past experience with the add on building community, I typically end up being told, oh sorry that can't be done and am stuck with a sub par addition to my site.

i guess what I'm asking is if there is a way to make the google map a link in order to have it open in a new tab, and why isn't that offered in the core options?
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I'd like to see the built in Google Map block extended at some point in the future to include some extra options, like a bubble, but it's simply enhancements no-one has tackled yet.

In terms of an add-on, the Location Map add-on I released does have an option to include a link to 'Get Directions', that is set to open in a new window.
This link is displayed within the infowindow/bubble.

You're welcome to message through any questions.

EDIT - very simple screenshot attached
yorkatron replied on at Permalink Reply
hi mesuva-

I have 4 locations that will be on 4 different pages, then all 4, in 4 different maps on one single page. can your add on handle that?
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Yes, see attached for an example of what you've described.

Although the add-on is a bit more focused on multiple markers on the one map, what you can do is use the 'Groups' to filter each map, and create a group for each marker.
Advite replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi mesuva,

I have actually just tackled this exact thing regarding the Google maps block.

My add-on allows the user to not just add a Google map to the page but to also add styling, a custom map marker image and an optional popup info window.

Since my add-on is free I purposely left out options such as multiple locations on a single map.

While I wanted to give back to the community I also didn't want to step on the toes of other developers who already have similar add-ons such as your Location Map for sale in the marketplace.

I have attached a screenshot or if interested in taking a look you can view in the marketplace here,