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Any possibility of hiding an external link from the auto-nav?


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Tallfrog replied on at Permalink Reply
Got it.

If you ever need to hide an external link, from within your sitemap, click on the Page Search tab and find the name of your external link. Click on it and you'll have all the same options as a regular page.
dpidan replied on at Permalink Reply
@Tallfrog had it correct. The super user can edit external link properties from Page Search page. Other users can only do it if they had permissions to edit page properties when the external link was created, or if permissions to edit page properties was manually applied to the external link.
r1digital replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Go to the dashboard, click on the sitemap, click on the page icon of the url you want to hide, choose page options from the pop up menu and then tick hide from nav.

Hope that helps
hereNT replied on at Permalink Reply
This is incorrect - there is no "Page Options" link in the pop up menu. Actually from the site map on an external link there are very few options. Talifrog's method of using the page search works well.
sparatan117 replied on at Permalink Reply
He isn't incorrect, the menu was just altered to add more options.
From the Sitemap, click Properties -> Custom Attributes Tab -> Scroll down and find the box for "Exclude from Nav [ ] Yes". Check it.

You're done.
keeasti replied on at Permalink Reply
I think hereNT is correct ... at least in C I can't see any option to do that in the sitemap for *External links*.
In fact I am only presented with 3 options, namely:
- Name
- Open Link in New Window
Are we missing something?