Home Page Editing Broken

Edit mode on my homepage is broken. All the other pages are normal, and work like they should.

Problems (only for trying to edit the homepage):
1. The Add Block menu and the Gear menu (Page Design, Location, Attributes and Settings) does not open. Clicking it only changes the URL to example.com/index.php?cID=1#.
2. Clicking on the button on the toolbar that would open the little Dashboard menu does not work. It takes me to the main Dashboard.
3. When I go to the Dashboard page from the homepage, it is messed up. The menus are out of order. The menu is normal from any other page.
4. When I enter edit mode, I can highlight the blocks, but clicking on them does not open the block menu.

I cleared the cache, but that did not help. I have not made any changes recently to any php file. I have tried editing on multiple computers.

This seems like a JavaScript error.

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EngineerofStuff replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I fixed it.

I had put some extra header content containing the Nicescroll code. I didn't need it anymore, so I had removed the required files from my site, but forgot to remove the html code from my site. For some reason, the broken code did not affect anything until now.