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On my homepage athttp://www.papull.com, the main menu at the top of the page I have 10 items and when anyone visiting hovers over some of the menu items it brings up the drop down to sub pages. I wish for the order of the sub page items to be in alphabetical or ascending order.
ie. Under the "Results" item instead of reading Results 2015, Results 2014 and then Results 2013. I wish for them to be 2013, then 2014 and then 2015.

Same goes for a couple of the top level pages menu items.

I know how to change auto-nav order for menus on sub pages but can't figure out the main menu on the home page.

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TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
If you go into full sitemap you can just rearrange the page order this will then be reordered in the menu
drhpapull replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you TMDesign and I did recheck the page order as you suggested and I have the page order set correctly but like I said the "hover over" produces incorrect result on my laptop based on the ascending order in which I have the pages numbered. But correct results on other computers.

Anyone else ever have this issue? Perplexing as a Conditional formatting issue in Excel that I fixed yesterday.