Hover / Mouseover on Image to show Text

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Hi all

Just started on C5 and really loving it!

I have a simple question on CSS styling and I hope the experts can lend me some advice. I have a number of images (each in a block) on my website which I like to be able to display a text message when the mouse goes over it (i.e. hover or mouseover). How can I achieve this in the most efficient way? It could show the alt text or some other text which I can input somewhere for each block.

I tried putting in some CSS codes in the block Design but it didn't work. But then I am sure my codes are incorrect!

Thanks in advance!

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madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
You can have a second image within the C5 image block and the second image can have the text pre applied to it.
This is a bit like the old HTML Swap Image Restore.

Hope that helps.
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
As madeforspace said you can use the image block and swop out with a text rich image.

You could also have look at the Dojo add-on: