How can i edit auto-nav's style?

Hi there!

Im quite new to C5 so im requesting your help with styling auto-nav in my custom theme. By default auto-nav is a vertical list of links, right? So, how can i change it to horizontal? I noticed that in Greek Yogurt theme there is horizontal navigation and if im not totally wrong it has something to do with "header_menu.php" in concrete/blocks/autonav/templates? Is there any way i could use this navigation in my own theme? Thanks. :)

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adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes you can use that template in your theme.

For more information regarding custom templates, see this how-to:

And to fully understand the AutoNav see:
Onslow replied on at Permalink Reply
This is what i have done but nothing really changed...:

1. Go to edit mode
2. Click on auto-nav block
3. Click Desing-button
4. From dropdown chosen "Header Menu".

What did i do wrong? :S

EDIT: I noticed only Breadcrumb template works, Header Menu and Default Translatable doesnt. :O Why is that? If i try to use Header Menu or Default Translatable i only get that vertical list of links...
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
You should select 'Custom Templates' and not 'Design', but I think that is what you did.

What version of c5 are you on? Does the header menu work as expected if you switch to a core theme?
Onslow replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, sorry, i ment "Custom Templates". :P Im on the newest C5 ( It works with Core themes but not with my custom theme... Whats wrong? BTW is it possible to use Breadcrumb template in my custom theme? Thanks. :)