How can I edit index.php manually in html???

Hi everyone, i know where the index.php is but I want to edit it in html, sort of like when you view page source, you get all the html info of the page. But where is that with in the concrete5 structure. Does it even exist? When I try to edit index.php, all it says is require('concrete/dispatcher.php') and when i go to disapatcher.php, it's not the same as i view page source, i don't see any of my files. Please help????

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osu replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi kevdzhang,

C5 doesn't work like a static html website, you'll need to edit the files you find in the *active* theme folder for your site.

You can find out the active theme in the admin end, and the files will probably be located here:

I'd recommend reading up on the basics in the documentation before getting too involved with this side of things as you need to have at least a superficial understanding of how C5 works before getting your hands dirty theming.

Hope that helps,