How do I add a column layout to sitewide header?

I've been working in concrete5 for a couple months now and the most frustrating thing I've found is not being able to divide every part of the website into columns. There are specific headers and mains that have the ability to add a layout to, and divide into columns; however, most of the time I encounter sitewide headers that do not have an "add/edit layout option. From browsing the forum I found a plugin called Area Splitter that I believe does what I'm asking, however, it is not currently up to date for the current version of concrete5. Is there a way to add columns/layouts to every sitewide header/main/footer/etc block? I find some themes come preloaded with layouts that are unable to be modified, especially in the sitewide header e.g. having three columns when I only want one, or having one when I want three. Is there a theme, or a plugin that provides full access to the layout? What do I have to do to be able to design a website without tearing my hair out over not being able to create or delete columns? (There may be a simple answer, but I haven't found it yet.) Thanks!

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The short answer: you can't add layouts to global areas.

If you need different layouts on different pages you have to create and include different headers/footers in your templates or make your includes configurable with attributes.
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You can create custom columns with in a content area. Just drag a block of your choice in the content area. Then click on the block and select "design & custom content". Then choose the amount of columns you want in that area.

I created the icons section on this page with that process.

However the columns are only created with that div area. I'm sure you are looking for more control over your layout. You are going to have to learn to read and write HTML, CSS and Javascript and edit your themes you select or create a custom theme in code.

If you need help doing that would be more then glad to assist.