How do I make a horizontal menu bar with Concrete5?

I don't see any sign of how to do this. Do I have to purchase something like an addon, if so which one is a good one? This has to be a horizontal menu with drop downs and sub drop downs. It doesn't seem like you can even name the new pages anything reasonable. How do you do that? This is my first time with a CMS and it is frustrating beyond belief. I've got 30 pages and I would like them to have friend names in the url. Is that too much to ask?

The site is currently in Drupal 6, and it is too difficult to update. So I am trying to convert it to Concrete5.


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cannonf700 replied on at Permalink Reply
What theme are you using? There are some nice tutorials on making a dropdown menu for concrete5 if you do a google search for it. A lot of people find this tutorial helpful as well:

As far as ease of use goes Concrete5 is leaps and bounds ahead of Drupal. You can name a page anything - literally ANYTHING - you want. So if you want a top level page called "Friends" then login to your site as the Admin and from your home page hit the "ADD PAGE" button in the top left corner. Name that page "Friends" and publish it. Now go to the page you just made (titled Friends) and by adding pages under it you can do what you want and even give page specific permissions to each page.
So, if I have five friends: Sally, Suzan, Simeon, Suroage and Sugar and I want them to all have their own page that they can edit themselves I can do just that. And each of their pages can simply be there name - so Sally can edit the page called "Sally" that's found underneath the "Friends" page.

Or, you could enable user registrations and modify the members page and profile pages to get a facebook like feel for your site.

I promise - it's all very simple and very intuitive.
tcbloodgood4 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your quick response,
I made a menu with Dreamweaver's Spry Menu Bar and inserted it into a html block, but it just doesn't look right, too wide to fit the page. I'll do you suggestion after I make a page template for the site. I'm using the Plain Yogurt template. I am wondering how to make the side borders a nice grey blue, I can do that with css, but no idea how to do it in concrete5. Surely that can be done, right? Not quite sure how or where the css file is in concrete5. I would like to tell the homepage and all the other pages which css file to use. How can this be done? normally it is in the header section.

I bought the concrete5 beginner's guide, but I can see that it is only a beginning.

Thanks for your help and suggestions,
cannonf700 replied on at Permalink Reply
Typically if you are working with a theme or a package that you installed from the C5 M.P. Then the files for that package can be found in: Root/Packages/You_Package/
But because you are using a theme that came pre-installed the files and CSS for that theme can be found in: root/concrete/themes/plain_yogurt....
I can't remember off the top of my head but the folder might be named Default instead of plain yogurt.

I would recommend either using Google Chrome or Firefox with the "firebug" add-on for fine tuning your pages. This will help you identify what .CSS rules are effecting the area your working with and even to tweak the rules, temporarily, so you can know what changes you need to make to your .CSS files.

My guess is that your menu didn't look right because the C5 atonal block adds it's own UL class which could cause your code to shift or not display accurately.