How do I move the submit button?

Currently, the submit button for my email form is under the text area. I want it to the right of the text area and have no idea how to do that.

Can anyone help?

I've attached a screen shot.


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griebel replied on at Permalink Reply
The submit button is inside a table.
Check /concrete/blocks/form/controller.php around line 612, or search for formBlockSubmitButton
You can then change the table to plain css.

(A good idea: copy the controller.php to /blocks/form/controller.php, create folders if needed. Then you can update Concrete5 without overwriting your changes to the form block.)

Have fun.
bikepartjewelry replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for the answer...not real sure how to do what you said, though. Is there an easy way to change a table to plain css?

I have very limited skills with this.

And if I know I want my submit button always to the right of my text areas, is it ok not to copy the controller.php? Again, I'm limited with what I know how to do.

Thanks again.
griebel replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi again Jodey, no easy way. But play around with /concrete/blocks/form/controller.php around line 612, and remove "<table></table><tr></tr><td></td>" tags
jolson replied on at Permalink Reply
You may want to skip using the widget and code a normal submit input. That eliminates the table, classes etc.