How do you remove files form a file set?

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Hi, I sure I am missing something very obvious here but I can't find out how to take a file out of a file set once it has been put in there? For example I have a gallery on one of my site which displays images in a file set, how can I or my client delete a photo from that file set so that it no longer shows up in the gallery but isn't deleted from the file manager completely?

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Doki replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
In the dashboard, select "File Manager" from the left-hand menu. Find the image you want to remove within the list (may be fastest to use the search functionality to the left of the list). Left click on the image, and click on Sets (icon is a up/down double arrow). This will show all the sets this image belongs in in checkbox format. Simply uncheck the sets to remove the image from, then save.
bridgetdesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! I just worked it out when I saw your reply! :)
bridgetdesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh wow, I have literally just found out how to do this! For anyone else having the same problems as me you need to select the file you want to remove from the set in the file manager, then select "sets" from the drop down box "** with selected" on the top left and then click on the set that that file is currently in in the pop up box that comes up. It doesn't tell you it has been removed but you can check by going to "files in sets".

I really love Concrete5 but this doesn't seem very obvious to me at all and I think there could be a more intuitive way of organising and manipulating files.
Doki replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't think the layout is too bad myself. One thing to remember: "left clicking on things in lists is your best friend". Once you know that, you're 2/3 of the way there :)
XenoSpark replied on at Permalink Reply
Not sure if I am experiencing a bug or normal behavior with my filesets.

After uploading multiple files via the incoming folder, I was prompted to add the newly uploaded files to a fileset. I created a new unique name, and saved the changes. Later I wanted to remove one of the files from the fileset. I opened file-manager and found the file I wanted removed, left clicked the file and selected SETS from the pop-up context menu. A dialog box opened up, showing all filesets. A green check was in the box next to the fileset(s) that this particular file belonged to.

In order for me to check or un-check a fileset, I had to DOUBLE-CLICK the check box.

Not very intuitive, maybe a bug, maybe normal by design.

After re-arranging all of my files I found I had 2 filesets that contained no files. From the dashboard I opened up the File Sets manager, But I did not see the empty filesets. I then realized I was only seeing PUBLIC filesets. Changed the drop down to MySets and clicked search. Then I could see the empty file sets and select them individually and delete one at a time.

Seems that maybe the filter should include an option for ALL Sets.

However, now that I am aware of this 'default' behavior, its quite easy to manage my filesets and membership.