How do you restore a previous page version?

So C5 keeps a history of page versions every time you make an edit. That's great, but how do you go back to a previous version?

I've tried clicking on Edit, selecting Page Versions, and I see a list of page versions with the date created.

I thought that putting a check in the box next to the version I want to restore and clicking "Approve" would do the trick, but it doesn't do anything. If I click on the page hyperlink I can see the correct previous version, but can never get it to restore.

I'm using version, and have tried on several sites I run.

What am I doing wrong?

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glockops replied on at Permalink Reply
When you're logged in with editing rights - you always see the latest version of the page (whether approved or not).

If you repeat the steps you outlined, then log out and visit the page - you'll see the previous version.

If you want to get rid of the newest version - you can approve a previous version, then delete the versions above it (more recent versions) - then you (as a site editor) will see the version everyone sees (but you'll loose any changes in the more recent versions).
siteadvice replied on at Permalink Reply
It's not necessary to delete the more recent versions of a page in order to be able to edit an old one.

Instead, check the box next to the old version you want to restore and then click the "copy" icon. This will make a brand new version with the current time stamp and you can then edit that one.
ses604 replied on at Permalink Reply
I have a horrible problem and maybe you can help. I was trying to edit the link to an advertisment on my Resource page, it was hung up so I saved and it blew the whole page into disarray. I found you answer, but I have no Copy button, maybe because I am on an older version? I don't know. But I approved the earlier version so that's what users see, but when I go back to edit, I see the newest, screwed up page.. I'm desperate for some help. How do I restore the page that everyone sees? This is what is viewable to the public:

But the version after it in Edit when I'm logged in is all messed up. The Blocks on the left got thrown into the sidebar. Please help.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You can go directly to the sitemap in the dashboard and restore the version there.

A little more detail in the last tip at:
ses604 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks! I went to the Site Map, and I could view the previous version there, but still did not understand at the time how to manipulate it at that level. It seemed I could only view it. This is before your message. So I went back to the website area, approved an earlier version of the page in Edit mode, then took a chance and Removed the bad version above it on the version list. That worked. Although I thought that's what I had done earlier and it did not work, so I wrote to the forum for help. In reading through searches I did, at one point some were saying nothing could be done, and the other person was talking about a Copy function that I do not see on my Version screen. For now, it is fixed and I only had to go back and update a few things that were lost. ugh... Thanks again for answering so quickly!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
When you approve an earlier version, that is what non-admin visitors will see. You will still be seeing the most recent version as an unapproved version. To roll everyone back to whatever version you approve, you also need to delete all subsequent versions (on the same version list dialog).

When you have done so, its also usually a good idea to clear the cache.
ses604 replied on at Permalink Reply
...and Clear the Cache! gotta go back and do that. Thanks!!!
ses604 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello again,

When I just went back to clear the cache, this is what I see. Is this right? Mine are set to Disabled.

Caching stores frequently accessed data so it can be more quickly retrieved. Full page caching can dramatically lighten the load on your server and speed up your website, and is highly recommended in high traffic situations.

Basic Cache - Disabled

Full Page Caching - Disabled

Full Page Cache Lifetime - Default - 0 minutes

I'm not sure now if it was always this way? I had another terrible issue recently where I moved a Blog in the Sitemap, and it was on the second tier due to the number of Blogs, and it wrecked the whole line up of Blogs by date! When searching the forum, I found others had this problem and seems it is a bug in the system once you reach a second level. The person who helps me with the back end of my website did some work so viewers would see my blogs in the right order again, so don't know if the Cache was also disabled then? I'm not sure now. ugh.... I'm not a webmaster....I need help on the back end when things go awry. I could go back and ask him but want your opinion also, please. Thanks!
ses604 replied on at Permalink Reply
Please Help if you are there. Here I go again. I am trying to post adsense HTML code. now it is "hung up" - last time this happened I exited out to save, and it blew my page away! thus having to restore an old version and delete the bad version. Can't seem to paste a screen shot of the hung up icon spinning. I don't know what to do now to save the page.....