How to add style sheet to add content block

i'm converting and html site to C5, and i have some custom styles i want the client to be able to access for a content block. when I click on styles in the wysiwyg editor, nothing happens. I need to tie the styles drop down to the legacy style sheet. how do i do this?


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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you familiar with CSS? If not, then unfortunately it's not really possible to do this. If you are...

It's a major pain in the neck. You need to have a file called "typography.css" and that file needs to be in your theme directory (it must be at the top level inside the theme directory, it can't be inside a sub-folder -- for example it can't be in a "css" folder).

You do not need to include this typography.css file in your theme header like you do with other theme stylesheets -- the WYSIWYG editor will find it if it's in your theme directory.

Inside that file you make a class. It has to just be a class, not an element followed by a class and not an id followed by a class and not two classes, etc. For exampe:
.my-custom-style {
    color: #FF0000;

These will NOT work (for example):
#wrapper .my-custom-style {
} {

Finally... you need to clear the Concrete5 cache (Dashboard -> Sitewide Settings, click the "Clear Cache" button), AND clear your browser cache. In fact, you might need to quit your browser and then re-launch it. And you need to do these things every time you make a change to that typography.css file otherwise the system won't recognize your changes.

As an alternative to dealing with this absolutely horrendous procedure, you might want to try the free Designer Content addon:
(but this is only going to be useful to you if you are already familiar with HTML and CSS)

dotman replied on at Permalink Reply
hey thanks. i saw that plugin and was wondering how to use it. could you give me some pointers? appreciate it.

jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
What is it you want to design? It is a tool for facilitating design ideas that you have for your site, so you need to start there.
nickodalton replied on at Permalink Reply
for anyone looking for another option:
leave a blank style in typography.css
.style {}

and style up more specifically in your regular stylesheet.css: {color:white; font-weight:regular}

hope this helps someone!