How to adding a new theme and add-on for the ftp

Hey guys, in the version 5.5 and the other 5.6 prior to I could add my own add-ons topics by ftp to my page but now I try to do the same in the new version but you can not, which parameter I have to change in order to achieve the same, without the need to enter the marketplace. Or only in this new version you can only add new functions from the marketplace and no more from the ftp, if you design your own themes and addons.

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adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
You can still upload your themes to the 'root/themes' folder and blocks to 'root/blocks' folder. If you have created a whole package of either a theme or a block, you upload it to 'root/packages'.

Just as you did before.

You then need to go to '/dashboard/extend/install/' to install what you have uploaded (or '/dashboard/blocks/types/' if it's a block).