How to backup, then update my website

I installed Concrete5 way back in 2009 with the EOS theme. I am currently using version I have tried in the past to do an update, but every time has failed, crashed my site, and I've had to call and beg Bluehost to backdate my site. Now it is crashing more frequently, and my php version is so outdated, Bluehost doesn't even know which one I have. But they did tell me I have to update my Concrete5 soon, because my php version is so outdated, it doesn't even show the version that I have (I never updated this either
since 2009) and I will soon not be able to recover from a crash.

I've read I need to sync my site with Concrete5's website. I have tried to do this but I do
not know how. I am logged into the site, but do not see any option for syncing a site.

I first want to backup my site before doing any updates, but when I go on my dashboard,
system & maintenace, backup & restore, I get this (see attachment). The screen is empty!

Please, is there someone who can help me to first figure out how I can backup my site?

Thank you,

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