How To Change Header Title Into Logo (Plain Yogurt Theme)

Does anyone know how to change the header title into a logo using the plain yogurt theme?

thanks in advance.

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bcarone replied on at Permalink Reply
Your posting a lot about headers and footers.

Inspect your elements folder. Make a copy of it and Do Not change the default files.

Go to the help section of Concrete5. There are basic instructions on how to do these things if your needing the help.

Concrete5 is an easy system to use and themes are very easy to learn, just read the tutorials and/or the videos.
pixel8 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
to be more specific - go to the folder :


make a backup of this file before you start!!

go to line 30:

<h1 id="logo"><!--
         --><a href="<?php echo DIR_REL?>/"><?php 
            $block = Block::getByName('My_Site_Name');  
            if( $block && $block->bID ) $block->display();   
            else echo SITE;

and replace this with whatever you want - an image or so!

Hope this helps you!
bcarone replied on at Permalink Reply
OK sorry, I sounded a little short.

Here is a good place to start

There is another link with a video by Andy on how to convert a theme.

Just make sure you do not change the root/concrete/themes/default files. As pixel8 stated, make a copy of it. I would suggest you make a complete copy of the theme folder, rename it to what you wish it to be and copy install it into the sitename/themes folder or into the sitename/packages folder (depending on how the theme was created - just look and see if there is a controller file in the root of that theme. if there is, place it in the packages dir, if not, place it directly in the themes folder).
uriremon replied on at Permalink Reply
referring to bcarone:

Thanks for the reply. I only have one question to ask, as you seem to have told me to copy the default files 'and' the theme folder.

should i do both?
pixel8 replied on at Permalink Reply
if you would like to modify the theme I would suggest you do the following...

copy this folder




now the default theme will be overriden by your new theme, as the ones in the root theme folder would be used first... if you would like to, you could rename the theme, but that would also require to modify the file description.txt so that you can recognize your theme from the original in the dashboard...
uriremon replied on at Permalink Reply
how do i modify the description text?
pixel8 replied on at Permalink Reply
in the theme folder there is a file called description.txt - this is the one you want to edit!
uriremon replied on at Permalink Reply
referring to pixel8's reply:

thanks for the advice, but due to my hosting package, the layout of the folders do not match the ones you have specified. you might be using another company.
pixel8 replied on at Permalink Reply
the structure I referred to was inside your concrete5 folder... this can not be different in your installation... so you have to go to your root directory for your concrete5 installation, and then the structure I mentioned! this is regardless of your host, as it is inside the concrete5 installation..!
uriremon replied on at Permalink Reply
i understand what you mean. i will be using your advice with the editing part.
uriremon replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, i am now here. everythings backed up. how do i replace line 30 with my logo?

would i use an img src?
uriremon replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks guys. I managed to do it.

I know i'm an ignorant so and so when it comes to these things, but i appreciate your help.
cycoleman replied on at Permalink Reply
Guys, I have been reading and reading and I still cant get rid of the words Concrete5 in the header space?!? I tried going into global scrapbook but there is nothing there? everyone keeps talking about going into a root folder and then into another directory?? but I havent actually installed this program onto my pc so where would I find these directories?? sorry for questions but am very new to this and cant seem to sort this one issue out. Thanks
SpencerC replied on at Permalink Reply
Probably the most asked question here is to change or remove the name, as I can tell. The "novice" way to do it:

1) Go to Dashboard>Scrapbook>Global.
2) Add a new content block called "My_Site_Name" (no quotes).
3) Leave the content area blank or add text you want. Suddenly it vanishes.

The "novice" way of placing a logo up in the top left:

1) Add a new block layout to the Nav or Header area that is 2 columns and 1 row.
2) Now you have a left and right area. Add the logo to the left side and the nav to the right (if that's what you are looking for.

Good luck! You'll figure it out.

12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
naw, for the top you have to go to dashboard/site wide settings and in the top left there is a block for my site name, you want to change that.
pdcouto replied on at Permalink Reply
On step 3: if you add an image you previously uploaded to the scrapbook, to this content, it will appear site wide.

Make sure it's dimension is around 270 wide, this for the plain yogurt theme.

Hope this helps.
independentpen replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm trying to do the same thing. I successfully changed the logo at line 30, per your instructions, but it only displays on the home page. On other pages, it's showing that little question mark graphic that displays when an image can't be found. I don't see why it would be using different instructions for "home" versus any other page, as the instructions for all of them are contained in the elements/header file. Right? What am I missing here?

Here's what I'm using at line 30:

<h1 id="logo"><!--
--><a href="<?php echo DIR_REL?>/">
<img src="themes/default/images/inneroptics_dot_net_starfish.jpg" alt="Fake Logo" />

ejmbrand replied on at Permalink Reply

I've gone in and successfully changed the logo starting at line 30....

<h1 id="logo"><!--
--><a href=""><img src="/themes/dark_chocolate/elements/kim_logo_small.png" alt="kimberblue_logo" width="235" height="57"/></a><!--

I don't understand why it displays differently when I log out of edit mode? Any suggestions?

wylan replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm about to try this, but have you made sure that you are publishing your edits? Also try to load the site in a different web browser to make sure you're not viewing a cached page.
hugmungus replied on at Permalink Reply
Got this to work

<a href=""><img src="<?php echo $this->getThemePath()?>/images/yourimage.jpg" alt="yourimage" /></a>

Found it on this forum post