How to configure WYSIWYG Editor Line Height

Hi there,

I have a newbie question concerning the C5 WYSIWYG Editor.

When I paste in a plain text block, I always get 1 line space between two lines of text.

Is there any chance to modify this easily?

I could use HTML code, but it would take me a lot more time, instead of copying & pasting the text blocks. Neither do I want to modify my theme files.

So, is there a way to configure the editor, that it does no longer put one line of space between two lines of text?

Isn't the idea of a WYSIWYG editor to format text without the need to use HTML code myself?!

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hanshan replied on at Permalink Reply
Noboby has any advice for me?

Ok, I tell you, how I currently handle the problem. This might sound stupid and obviously it leads C5 somehow to Absurdistan.

I copy my text tfiles and paste it into the WordPress text field. Then I change to the HTML mode of WP's text editor.

After that I copy the HTML code WP gives out and paste it into the HTML box of C5.

Stupid, right?

Well guys, as much as I enjoy working w/C5, I hate this stupid Tiny editor.

I hated it in Joomla, I hated it elsewhere. The code for text line always (!) leaves 1 line space between 2 text lines.

Maybe I do sth wrong, but I still haven't found what it is.

The text always goes like so:

1. line - blablablablablablablablabla

2. line - blablablablablablablablabla

I just hope the C5 message box does, what I expect that it does. ;-)

Anyway, I am annoyed that there is no other editor for C5 than that. I thought I could format text w/a WYSIWYG, but obviously I have to use good old HTML style again...

Thanks anyway... for reading! ;-)
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
What does your css files say about p tags? It's probably a stylesheet issue.
hanshan replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, the p tag is set to 12px in the CSS file.

It's weird, when I use plain text and paste it in, I still got 1 extra line space. When I use the WP text editor, preformat my text there and paste it in, anything's fine.

Strange enough, when I preformat my text w/a standard text editor (Pages/Word), I get extra lines space, though, preformatting my text w/WP doesn't produce these extra lines?!

I have no solution for this. I played around a little bit with the CSS code. I as well put in a line height tag, when using the HTML block element instead of the WYSIWYG editor.

It didn't work either. I always run into this problem w/this damn extra line space.

Something I was wondering about, when I use the example files of C5, they are all formatted fine. No extra lines in there. How can this be?

I mean it's obviously not a problem of the CSS code?!
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hit shift-return in the editor to get a line break that doesn't create a new paragraph.
tonyjackson3 replied on at Permalink Reply
I have exactly the same problem. Some pasted tet shows in the editor correctly formatted, but when I leave the editor to look at the page it has become double-spaced.

I tried the suggested deletion of carriage returns and their replacement with shift-returns. No difference. Still looked fine in the editor, still looked rubbish on the site.
zoinks replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
WYSIWYG tries to "help" you by preserving styling from other programs. It will pick up Word styling. Google docs automatically adds double-spacing to lines, too.

There is a little icon you can click that says "paste as plain text." Click that and anything you paste in will be pasted as plain text.

It's the little icon I have selected in the attached screenshot (note the blue square around it indicating it is selected)