How to create fancy table

Hello, I'm currently working on the website editing, and ended up questioning "How to create information tables". For reference, I captured the designed table that I want to create exactly same.

Please help!

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You have 2 related problems

1. Formatting a table

2. Inputting data to the table structure

Formatting a table is usually provided by your theme. In your example, it looks like you have a header row and then zebra striping of the data rows. Most bootstrap and foundation based themes, including Elemental, provide such formatting. To change the formatting you would add css styles to (for example) alter the text and background colours within a <thead> element.

To add data to a table, in its rawest form you can code the relevant HTML table elements into an HTML or content block.

If you have a lot of data there are blocks in the marketplace that make it easier to get data into HTML table elements. For example, my own Universal Content Puller can be used to show a CSV file as a table.