How to delete columns(empty column Area) ???


Im in trouble , i created some columns in mistake and cant get rid of them . they are attached to my Nav Bar somehow and it just wont let me to anything with my nav Bar so how can i delete them or , if it is possible i could clear the whole page and start over

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malkau replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there

I've just done similar... here's how I deleted it:

Click on the grey menu thing on one of the columns items and select "Edit Container Layout"
Then click the "delete" icon on the menu bar that loads.

Screenshot here:
Short video of it here:

Cheers :)
martinmo replied on at Permalink Reply

Well , yeah it seems like it is the way but in concrete when i click on
edit container area , nothing happans , i dont know what it is , is it a
bug or just wont work . thats why i asked too btw. but thx for anwering to
my question .



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