How to edit the User Profile page?

So I presume the user profile pages come along with the discussion forums addon(paid one) I have installed. So I wanted to make 2 small tweaks to that profile page but I find that there's no Page Type called Profile, so how do I make some default setting for all future profiles created?

For example I want to add the: Concrete Wall Addon- which allows facebook style wall. But then comes the let down-its a block... I can't go edit every new profile adding a block! How to I make this a default component of a profile page?

Also I'd like to add a text field that I would label: "About Me"

So listing the problems systematically:
1) Where is the Page type equivalent for a User Profile's default settings.
2)How do I use the Concrete Wall Addon for user profiles?
3)How do I add another text About Me component to the User profile defaults?

PLEASE help me :)

PS. I have no technical knowledge like PHP etc. so I'd prefer a lehman's solution :) But that's just a preference and if the nature of the problem requires ugly, complex code ;) :P then shoot away:)

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
To turn on public profiles go to dashboard - login and registration - public profies and than enable them. Now you will see a members page in your sitemap and the single page profile. Since the profile page is a single page that loads users info anything you put there will be repeated for every user.

So to explain a bit better instead of having 5000 user pages you just have 1 that loads 5000 users data into it, and loads whichever user is visiting it their data and anyone visiting someone elses profile page will do the same, show the profile users data to the profile visitor.

To go to the profile page either go through sitemap or go yoursite/profile or yoursite/index.php/profile if you havent enabled pretty urls yet. Put the profile page in edit and slap in the concrete wall.

To add the text field "about me" you will need to go to dashboard - members - attributes and than add a text attribute labeled "about me" and that attribute will be dispayed at the top of the profile page as well as become an editable field when a user creates an account or edits an existing. Use css to customize your "about me" attribute and position.

*As a side note the profile page is a systems page so when you go to your sitemap click "show system pages" so you can see it.
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks! :D

Woaah! So I have two ugly looking technical problems:

1) The When I click go to: Dashboard>Members>Concrete Wall it displays this in some incorrect english(making it harder to understand):

'Concrete Wall provides a mechanism for the core and other add-ons to add notifications to a user's wall, similar to The Facebook.
This page allows you to see all registered notification types (they must be registered by an add-on and activated by your before being used), grouped by the add-on (or core) that will create these notifications of a type, an example notification, and the ability to configure whether notifications of that type will be displayed and who they'll be displayed to [coming soon]. Notification types are things like "new friend added" or "posted an article" while a notification would be "James is now friends with Jill" or "You posted the article 'C5 Tips & Tricks'".

So how do I get this to function :(

2) I'm Creating the new attribute and I don't know what setting I should tick and what a 'handle' is but I'm going to go ahead an name this 'About_Me'. What is the difference between a Text Area and Text field?
3) Should 'About Me' be either of the Searchable options? Could you suggest what options I should tick in each of the field, it would reduce the number of questions I'd have to post here hahaha! :D