How to insert vertical white space? Empty paragraph tags are auto-removed...

Sometimes I just need to insert a small amount of vertical white space in the layout to have everything look good.

Ideally I can just add a new Content block of HTML that is:


but it appears empty paragraphs are automatically removed by the concrete5 editor. Is there a way around this?

It seems adding <p></p> to a block that already includes some text results in the blank line NOT getting removed. But, in my case, I have an empty block that I want to add content to, where the content is simply a blank line. In this case, the editor removes my blank line.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Between blocks is fairly simple:
- You can use block design to add a top or bottom margin
- You can insert a spacer block (free from the marketplace)

Within a block is more tricky. If you go to html view, you can insert a div or p with content of a single "&nbsp;" . If you want to set a precise height, add a style attribute to the element for height in pixels. If you try and do this with an empty element instead of the non breaking space, something usually breaks.
jwapp replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you John!!!
INTcommunications replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you try?
<p>   </p>

Can't seem to get non breaking space to go in here.
take spaces out between letters
& N B S P ;

Non breaking space is something. Seems simpler to me.
jwapp replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried this, well, just a space character (not sure if non-breaking). If got erased.
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
you could always insert an HTML block with <br> in it too...
jwapp replied on at Permalink Reply
If you add a new block and type <br> into the HTML Source Editor and click Update, concrete5 doesn't save it (re-open the HTML Source Editor and observe it's empty).
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
ok, now THAT is strange. I do it all the time here n there no problem...

Or are you using the content block and going into the html edit? Try using just an HTML block, not a content block...
jwapp replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, that brings up an interesting point.

I've always been using the Content block, and clicking on the HTML icon to bring up the editor to insert HTML code. Here, a paragraph with spaces (e.g. <p> </p>) and <br> are removed by the editor when clicking Update.

However, I do see there's an HTML block, and there, this code can be saved successfully.

Thanks for the tip.
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you sure this is the case ? I just tried this and it saved the <br> tags just fine.

Additionally, I've had good luck inserting arbitrary vertical space in redactor by using shift-enter (which inserts a <br> instead of a <p>)