How to install Concrete5 themes like Greek Yogurt or Green Salad

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I am a newbie to Concrete5 and have just installed version on my website.
When loging to my site, I have the default Elemental theme showing.
On Dashboard, when clicking on Page and Themes, I have only this Elemental theme showing. Nothing else. No other choice. No themes like Greek Yogurt, Dark Chocolate or Green Salad showing even if, after checking on my website, these themes are under concrete/themes. Is it possible to install thoses themes in my Concrete5 installation and activate them ?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Those themes are not available for 5.7. Addons/themes developer for 5.6 will not work on 5.7 without redevelopment. If you don't like Elemental, there are some themes available in the marketplace, including some free themes.
pascal46 replied on at Permalink Reply
OK! Thanks a lot! I like Elemental and I am going to develop my site under that theme. In fact, since the other themes were not showing, I was not sure if I had done something wrong during my installation.