How to make a custom template

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How do I make a custom template, so that when I cick on a block I can select it from the custom template list?

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synlag replied on at Permalink Reply
1. copy the specific block to <web-root>/blocks
2. create template folder <web-root>/<your-block>/templates
3. create a named folder <web-root>/<your-block>/templates/<my-template-name>
3. copy <web-root>/<your-block>/view.php, ../../view.css (if exists) and view.js (if exists) to ../../templates/<my-template-name>/ (it could be there exists directories css, js or images, then copy those recursivly)
4. override anything you like in your template folder and choose the template like you described.
malkau replied on at Permalink Reply
This is explained further here:

Customize a Blocks Appearance
zenmaster replied on at Permalink Reply
Link does not work.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Biged2011 replied on at Permalink Reply
All information has been great to this point. I did the steps on the how to up to a point to duplicate the Page List override to add a custom template to the page list and failed with a
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Controller::getCommentCountString() in /home1/fccapcor/public_html/blocks/page_list/templates/blog2_index.php on line 17
This is the original version and should be found. Where is it? Did I need to copy more?
Biged2011 replied on at Permalink Reply
If I can't get the new code to work, CHANGE the old code.!!!! An Interesting thing! I make changes to the original blog_index.php in the original location and the changes are not made! Is that not the correct place of the code.????????? I even cleared cache! NO CHANGE. Am I operating on the wrong code?
Biged2011 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes I am. The new code is in an update to the install NOT the original install. You must start your override with the override to start with the working copy. I will finish the project and post any problems.