How to rearrange menu items

OK, this is driving me crazy and I know it's gotta be something simple I'm not doing correctly.

See the menus on my site:

They're in this order on the main menu bar:
Home, About, Wedding Packages, wedsite

I want them in this order:
Home, Wedding Packages, wedsite, About

(just want to move About to the end)

So when I try to move it, it always puts About as a sub-menu to wedsite or Wedding Packages, not as it's own menu, just at the end.

What's up with that?


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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
Go to the sitemap page in the dashboard, then re order the pages it will change the order of the tabs :)
dibbc replied on at Permalink Reply
That's what I've been doing, and it always wants to make it a child of the menu I want to drag it under.
orisinal replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't have English c5 available now, but try to click some page title in sitemap and you should see a menu. Now click "Move" or something like that and then you can drag and drop pages to whatever order. If necessary, continue the normal use of sitemap by pressing "Sitemap" link from Dashboard menu.

You can make this also from edit mode. There is button called "Move/Delete" or something...

Sorry if I didn't remember right, but hopefully that helped you out.
hoodoo replied on at Permalink Reply
Once you are on the Site Map page, click the name of the page you wish to move. From the menu that pops up, choose "Change Page Order".
Click the icon of the page and drag it until you see a line in between the pages you wish it to be. Let go of the mouse button and voila... task complete. Hope this helps.
dibbc replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks hoodoo, worked great!
jmurray replied on at Permalink Reply
To save anyone else loosing hair over this, there seems to be a bug in the implementation of drag & drop under Firefox 3.6.

The 'line' does not appear, resulting in you being unable to move items correctly. As a workround I used IE8 which did handle it correctly.

I haven't time to hunt the problem just now, but if I can localize it I'll post a bug report later.

dibbc replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for posting this, I did feel like I was going crazy, and thinking more about what I was doing, and trying again, I wasn't seeing the line before.

I guess IE is useful for a few things now and then. :)
jmurray replied on at Permalink Reply
I've duplicated this on two different machines and two different C5 installs (both It only appears to affect Firefox users, Google Chrome and IE are fine.

I've filed it as a bug this morning.

RodneyC5 replied on at Permalink Reply
I still have a problem with dragging/dropping which affects the ordering of blocks and menu items. When I click on a menu item in the sitemap, the cursor shows the drag/drop icon but when I try to move I get the blocked (no entry) icon so the item cannot be dropped anywhere. It may something to do with the Microsoft server I have to use but there does not seem to be any other option but to delete the items and reorder them!
Can anyone help please - I am using the lastest C5 version.
cvoogt replied on at Permalink Reply
just tried with latest Firefox ; moving menu items in Dashboard > Sitemap works fine for me in FF and Chrome, but seems buggy in Move/Delete when editing page .. in both FF and Chrome. Can anyone confirm?

When editing a page, I go to Move/Delete and want to change the menu assignment for that page, but can't drag and drop. I can click on the menu item I want to move it to and then confirm the move in the popup window .. but this would not be an obvious thing to my customers. I will submit this as a bug.
nate replied on at Permalink Reply
Is it not possible to move items that are children to the same level as their parents?

I can drag peer items, and I can drag children from one parent to another, but I can't drag a child to the same level as its parent (ie. promote it to be a top level page instead of a second level page).

Is this a bug in drag/drop or a "feature" of the way c5 manages parent/child pages?

If the later, is it fixable at a lower level? (eg. by writing directly to the DB?)

PS: Have tried from both the sitemap and the edit page->move/delete sitemap