How to remove Concrete5 word from Header and footer

I just started with concrete,
Not able to remove "Concrete" word from my first page,from Header and footer.
Cant edit them with Edit tools.

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Monkey replied on at Permalink Reply
Me too, this should be a simple excersize. I cannot find/see/access any of the required files to change the footer. All the "help" on the internet I've found just refers to half URL's to access these files. This doesn't help. I've read that much I could compose a website from scratch now - but all the screenshots of "help" don't look anything like my concrete5 dashboard, and all seam to have greater levels of access. I've tweaked, searched, changed, explored as much as I can (twice) and haven't found what I've been looking for.

Someone must be able to explain how to reach the theme files. File manager just shows pictures (in my concrete5) - or is it a conspiracy?

I need to change the footer in the theme "yogurt".
Apos replied on at Permalink Reply
To remove it, you will need to edit your theme's source file where that string is located.

You can locate themes you have installed yourself in "/packages/theme_YOUR-THEME-NAME/themes/YOUR-THEME-NAME/".

If it's a default concrete5 theme, the theme will be in "/concrete/themes/YOUR-THEME-NAME".

All your themes's files should be located there.

Usually, the theme's header and footer will be separated from the main page content and will be located in a folder called "elements".
Monkey replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, I may be stupid, but where do you type or search for concrete/themes/YOUR-THEME-NAME or /packages/theme_YOUR-THEME-NAME/themes/YOUR-THEME-NAME/?
Apos replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
You start at the root of your concrete5 default directory and you navigate up the list... Example you want to find the theme "greek yogurt":


I have taken a screenshot in case you still don't understand...

Since you didn't know that, I will assume you don't have any prior knowledge in PHP. So here is a step by step on how to remove the "concrete" from the theme greek yogurt:

1) Open the file /concrete/themes/greek_yogurt/elements/footer.php
(This is, once again, from the root of your concrete5 installation.)
You can open it using something like Notepad, or any other text editor of your liking.

2) The message you will want to remove will be located on line 27. You can see the second screenshot attachment for an example of what I mean. I have highlighted the part in question.
stussy replied on at Permalink Reply
I discovered that in order to remove "concrete" from the top of the plain yogurt theme pages:
Go to your Dashboard
Go to Systems and Settings at the very bottom
Under Basics choose "Site Name"
Delete the word "Concrete" and leave it blank, or type in something else.
I didn't see an option to put an image there instead...