I dont want my C5 work out on the web yet. How do I block it?

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I have a temp site I made on FatCow with the drag on drop software they have. I started into the C5 with the idea that I had lots of time to learn while I made a better site. It now seems to be overriding my site over on fatcow with the little bit of rough work I have done on C5. How do i leave the drag and drop software site up while I work in C5?

Thanks and remember I am very new at this.

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
The way I would do it is to upload a zipped copy of concrete5 to your server, unpack it next to your current sites folder, so if your drag, and drop site is labelled "sitea" than place the zipped right next to this. Use extract to unpack c5, and the auto destination will be a folder called "concrete5.5.2." for example. Now this C5 installation can be accessed at yoursite.com/concrete5.5.2.1/ so you can work on it while yoursite.com remains as drag, and drop.

When you are ready to replace drag and drop with c5, create a folder name it old, and pack all the drag, and drop folders up into it, so you don't lose them, but still render them inactive. Than open your hosts cpanel file manager and open your concrete5.5.2.1 folder, select all folders and file with the select box next to each, and than use the move function to move them 1 level up.

Your concrete site is now at yoursite.com, and you never have to move or pack up a database. Just the way I would do it though, I am sure there are other options. If this is the route you do end up taking let me know, and I will put together a detailed guide.
elobello replied on at Permalink Reply
Awesome...worked like a charm. Thanks.