iFrame and outlook.com Calendar

Okay, Enlil was kind enough to help me out with my emergency, now I was hoping someone might be able to help me with the ultimate goal.

GOAL: Use an iFrame (Currently using "Dynamic iFrame" block) to display an Outlook.com calendar on various pages.

WHY: I am trying to add a calendar to my website so that more than one person can update, can have the functionality of the outlook calendar, i.e.-alerts, etc, and be simple to use. I like the iFrame block because I can re-size it for display on several different pages.

WHAT I'VE TRIED SO FAR: Instantcal.com. I thought that was perfect and I was done. Instantcal was fairly customizible and very easy...just put your ICS url in and pow, you've got the code. Fit perfectly as day/month on all my pages. Problem is, somehow the timezone code is messed up! The calendar on outlook.com is right, but as soon as I run it through instantcal it is an hour later (I'm in AZ time and instantcal is converting everything to Mountain time). From there I tried to put the html directly into the iframe and that's when the page blew up and I had to delete 2 versions to get it back.

QUESTION: I have pasted the instancal code below. Does anyone recognize the timezone piece, and can you help me fix it? OR, do you know another/better way of doing this?

Thanks AGAIN!

<iframe id='cv_if5' src='http://cdn.instantcal.com/cvir.html?id=cv_nav5&file=webcals%3A%2F%2Fcid-198cf4b7fde4e78a.calendar.live.com%2Fcalendar%2Fprivate%2F7b45ebb5-2379-4c88-b773-42885aae9cac%2Ff540aacb-1e4a-4a9a-80dc-f7f135f1d1ed%2Fcalendar.ics&theme=RE&ccolor=%23ffffc0&dims=1&gtype=cv_monthgrid&gcloseable=0&gnavigable=1&gperiod=month&itype=cv_simpleevent' allowTransparency=true scrolling='no' frameborder=0 height=600 width=800></iframe>

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buntho replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not quite sure how Instantcal.com works, but they do have an option to set the timezone using their API:


It's called "timezone_def". You should be able to edit it there.