iframe embed into body of a page

I am trying to implement an iframe into our site that was developed from our suppliers to use so I know they don't restrict their xframe in apache. I can get the iframe to work in edit mode, as i entered it into a html block. However when I publish the page, the entire page including headers is blank. I know this works in other sites that use Wordpress in their wrapper featrue but having issues making it work in concrete5 ver 8. This is the code
<iframe frameborder="0" height="1200" width="1008" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="false" id="Dealer"
src="http://igaccessories.com/llumarembed/?origin=INSERT DEALER NAME&ampcontactusurl=INSERT DEALER
CONTACT US PAGE URL(ex.http://northamerica.llumar.com/contact-llumar)"...></iframe>

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bglaser replied on at Permalink Reply
update, the Pixel theme has a YouTube video iframe in the demo pages, which also does not work (shows blank page even edit toolbar on this is missing). I am suspecting apache is locked down too much or a setting beyond the concrete5 configuration files?

Running Apache on WHM CPanel, so I do have access to this, if I know where to look for a setting.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi bglaser,

The Pixel theme YouTube iframe doesn't display because there is a JavaScript error in the page that appears to break the page transitions. All the page content is there.

When you publish a page with the iframe, are there any browser console errors?

Using the browser web developer tools, is the page content there, but just not being displayed?
bglaser replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes you are on to something here. When I disable the page transition feature for Pixel Theme, the page shows up , but only if I disable page caching for that page.

Maybe something the design team for Pixel can resolve, or is this something I maybe able to fix myself, as I actually like the Pixel Transition but I will disable it for now to allow for the functionality.
fatcatsanonymous replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, oddly, every iframe i try to add causes the page to appear blank, though the complete source code is present and links work - if i can find them :-)