Image block - Crop by the client in Edit mode

I want to set a crop pic for example - 600X600px

OPTION 1 by code (i wrote only the last line of code):
src="<?php echo $ih->getThumbnail($page_thumb, 600, 600)->src ?>

In edit mode "image block" --> checkbox the "Resize Image" - dont crop the PIC only set max w - h

"THE BIG PROBLEM" - Most of the time the client/designer want to position manually the cropped area (like in the file -->edit pic)

How to solve this?...

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi siton,

One option is for the client/designer to use the image editor.

Another option is creating a custom block that uses a custom thumbnail. This custom thumbnail can use the thumbnail system for non-destructive cropping and editing.