include a page with include()

I have tried to include some bespoke php programming done for me which includes payment with paypal.
I cannot use an iframe as paypal will not allow this.

No matter how i try and include this page, it simply wont work. I am using the php block (PHP block by ND - 1.0) and the page url is

Could someone please give me the correct code to use to add this page.

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buildingsomethingonline replied on at Permalink Reply
We have done similar to integrate various old PHP code into Concrete5 websites. Here is our approach:

1.) Create a new page template file in your theme. For example copy default.php and rename it to mycustomcode.php
2.) Add it to your site by going to the theme and "inspecting" it
3.) Paste the old PHP code you want to run inside mycustomcode.php
4.) If you need to reference outside php files place them in your themes folder and use a snippet such as below to include them

<?php $this->inc('myawesomeinclude.php'); ?>

This will work but I do want to make mention that this is a horribly hacky way to use Concrete5. Concrete has a great architecture - if possible use it and make a package!!!

(warning: sales pitch) Depending on your needs with Paypal, check this out:
gwp1971 replied on at Permalink Reply
sorry i didnt reply to this earlier, i thought i had ticked the box to email me when a reply is posted.

Thanks very much for your help windhack. after more tests it seems the php page had some problems. I made a simple php page and it was able to include that fine.

Now just goptta find out why my real page wont work :)