Incorrect Captcha Code using IE Only


I've recently put together a concrete5 website and all seems good except for the fact that both the guestbook block, form block, and presumably any other block that uses the captcha won't work correctly in Internet Explorer. I'm not 100% sure on the IE versions, but probably both 7 & 8.

Basically you can fill out the form, be it guestbook or a general form block, enter the captcha and on submit you'll received the error 'Incorrect captcha code'. This only happens in IE. The forms and captcha's work fine in other browsers.

I've tried playing with my IE security settings and clearing cache and cookies, as well as turning on cache and production mode in C5, however nothing seems to have worked. I did a thorough Google search and couldn't find the solution anywhere on the web, so if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

For now I've just removed the captcha from all my forms. However I'd like to turn it on the in future to help prevent spam.

Thanks in advance!

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rritz replied on at Permalink Reply
Having the same problem. Client reported it and I tested, captcha works well in any browser, but not IE (I am using IE 8)
walkerfx replied on at Permalink Reply
Me too.

I've been looking into secureimage.php and I think it's something related to how IE loads the page. I did some tests where I echo out the code value and the code does not match the previous image with each page load, as it does in Firefox. So I suspect that the way IE is requesting pages is causing the code to be regenerated. I found some suggestions to use Fiddler to watch all client-to-server calls, but I haven't tried it yet.

I'll post the solution if I figure it out.
walkerfx replied on at Permalink Reply
I found the culprit, at least on my site. It's the use of a Facebook XFBML like button. If the button is present on the page, then the captcha doesn't work in IE (the codes don't match). If I remove the like button code, then captcha works fine.

It works fine with the iframe version. However, I really would like to have the 'Send' button feature.

Any ideas how to get the XFBML version to play nice with IE and Concrete5?
MrNiceGaius replied on at Permalink Reply
whew, I read your post last night and started to freak out :) I just tested my site in Internet Exploder 8 and the captcha works perfectly. The page has the XFBML like button plugin code along with the OpenGraph tags.

Are you using IE 7? I don't have that to test but I can confirm the captcha is working in IE 8.

Did you consider putting the XFBML code in an down level revealed conditional comment and then the iFrame code in a normal conditional comment to only display when IE is being used.

<!--[if gte IE 8]><!-->
This code displays on non-IE browsers and on IE 8 or higher.
<!--[if lte IE 7]>