Problem with Index Search Engine job

I'm building a site using version Right now, it has a little more than 20 pages. When I tried to run the Maintenance Jobs, the indexing one didn't finished. It's been running for a few days, and simply don't stop. Is it a expected behavior from this version or not? If not, what can I do to fix it?

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avannoord replied on at Permalink Reply
I, too, am having this problem. It's happened before and I've been able to fix it. Not this time. Anyone run into this before?
pixelhandler replied on at Permalink Reply
Could be related to :

See thread at :

Also did you try to use the URL provided below the list of jobs to 'run in background' that is how I found the bug in my development environment (localhost). There was a PHP error.
invision replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm running into this same issue with as well.

This other thread mentions setting the PHP memory limit to at least 32mb... My server is set to 512mb and I'm still getting the same problem.

You can interrupt it by changing the jStatus field for the Index Search Engine row to ENABLED from RUNNING in the Jobs table. But I'm not sure if my client's entire site is getting indexed.
avannoord replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't know if this will help anyone else, but, I eventually discovered that this was due to a reference to a block type that no longer exists.

I had installed a package/block and used it on a few pages, later deciding to delete them (and subsequently publish a new version of the page).

The indexing process was erroring out when attempting to get the block that is referenced in the old page versions, yet no longer existed in the BlockType table.

Be sure that you never simply delete packages or blocks from your c5 directory if they are installable's best to uninstall them the way they are meant to... this should eliminate this issue.
invision replied on at Permalink Reply
If I understand correctly, this could be an issue with blocks or packages that have been removed, but were added to a page somewhere in the site?

Do you mean add-ons that were removed properly through the dashboard? Or directories deleted without using the dashboard?

Is there a way to track down these orphaned blocks? I don't see any errors in the logs.
avannoord replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes you are understanding corrrectly.

Initially, I did try to hunt down the offending blocks in various tables
within the c5 database...but became wary... I instead ended up following
the advice here:

losttheplot replied on at Permalink Reply
It would seem that this problem can be caused by all manner of things. In my case it was a syntax error in a complex block controller that I'd built, that had passed unnoticed through months of dev testing. It was only when I deployed the site to the live instance that the Index Search Engine job hung. The syntax issue was so minor that it would not normally cause any problems or be noticed at all. The way to solve this issue was, in my case, simple: to read the vhost error logs.