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I'm trying to insert some php code in some of my concrete pages, but I can't find how ?
When i edit my page with c5, I can't insert php code. Thanks in advance

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
add php code to your templates and blocks.

c5 was never designed to let you paste php code in through the front end.

Take a gander through the docs, they're not as detailed as they should be - but there's some decent info there.
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree with Franz, you shouldn't do this. If we can't convince you, you might want to do this:

Goto this page:

If you don't understand german open the last page and you'll find a block called "PHP Execute", install it.

It allows you to create (using ftp, sftp, not the dashboard) a few php files which you then can select within the block. If you have some snippets you'd like to insert on a few pages this might be your solutions..

But please think about it again! If it can be avoided, avoid it..
ymne replied on at Permalink Reply
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
Should be pretty obvious, but the translated code blocks change the { to (. Any IDE should catch this, but still :).
lorebett replied on at Permalink Reply
I've just installed and tested concrete5 (really gorgeous!); but I also need to add some php code to my pages; basically, I need to include the result of another url with a php include...
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
this shouldn't be a problem. you can either use my block and create a small php that calls readfile to echo the other site..

allow_url_fopen must be set to on though. But you could also use curl... A lot of possibilities!
lorebett replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, thanks, I'll try your block, through the translation since I don't speak German ;-)