"Invalid File Extension" for all files and import methods!

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New user to Concrete 5 but I'm enjoying the experience so far. However, I've come across something odd. Last night I was able to use the file manager to upload images successfully. I was experimenting with uploading large mp4 videos too.

This morning I am unable to upload anything to the file manager with the error message "Invalid File Extension". This also occurs if I place files into the bulk uploader and go via multiple upload to bring them into the system.

I'm at a loss to understand what could have changed since last night. I have tried different files, different browser, different ISP. The files folder is set to 777 permissions.

Any ideas or other things I should check?



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Brainakazariua replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Under yoursite.com/index.php/dashboard/system/permissions/file_types/ you can add or remove allowed file types.
Most likely the ones you wish to upload are not added there.

Regular path to there: Dashboard > System & settings > Allowed file types (under the category Permissions & Access)
shardwick replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah yes... this was completely empty! What might have caused that to empty itself? As I mentioned it was working fine last night and I wasn't even aware of this particular setting so wouldn't have changed it myself!
Brainakazariua replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe you can find something in your log files but it remains a guess as to what happened.