Is it possible to migrate just a part of a website? Files for instance?

Hi fellow concreters,
I have a question regarding the migration of a website. Is it possible to migrate just a part of a c5 installation?

Say, I set up my site with a fresh installation of c5, new theme etc. Now I just want to grab the files from my old page and import the files to the new installation;

important: keep structure and edits -

including: sets; all the titles, tags, captions and descriptions of pictures; titles and connected images of mp3;

If I upload the folder structure as is to ftp can I then find and import the database tables that I need? Or is this a stupidity?

If it was workable at all: Would the c5 versions have to be exactly the same or would this work for say, old site is in c5.6.3.4 and new site is in ?

Thxs a lot for your help!

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