Is there really no way to password protect a page without it dissapearing from regular users?

I would like to have a members page that shows a username and password log-in to anyone who's not signed in... Is there really no way to do this?

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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Reply
Sure there is, and the best thing is it's included with the core. On a basic level you could just get yourself a copy of the login block and work with permissions.

This screencast has some good information on locking down areas of your site based on permissions.

Really, what this has to do with is using permissions to lock out a specific area to everyone but "Registered Members" or whatever group you create. You can then do some magic with block permissions or template code to show the login block only if the visitor is a Guest.
getjoel replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems like the process in that video involves changing code in the config file and seems a bit overkill for what I'm trying to do.

With my previous content management system we could simply check off that a page should only accessible to a specific group and the page would then show up with a username and password log-in to anyone who wasn't logged in.

The permissions button that's built into Concrete5 doesn't work that way? The only way it works is to make the page disappear all together to any user that's not logged in?

Or is there a way to make it so the page shows up in the navigation but won't show the content of the page unless someone is logged in?
getjoel replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok.. I finally figured out how to password protect a section of the site with advanced permissions by adding define('PERMISSIONS_MODEL', 'advanced');
to the config file.

The problem is once I added that to the config file regular admin users lost the ability to publish edits? What am I missing?